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Our aim is to make it easy and fun for our clients!

Ok, so you're probably thinking"why is there a photo of  a guy sitting on a mountain top fist punching the air?"

Because that will be you when your kick-ass website goes live. Oh yes, sweet victory!

We understand what it is like when you are starting out and have NO idea what foundations to set.

We also know what it is like running your own business. One job is hard enough! You don't have the time to be an expert marketer, stay up with the latest marketing trends, spend hours writing and creating content to put out there or figure out how to build a website.

You need to be able to leave it to someone you can trust. Someone who will let you know what is happening every step of the way and why. (If you hadn't already worked out who this is... ahh it's totally US!)


About the Founder.

Madeleine Keogh

Maddie had been working in the corporate world of Marketing and Business Development for 7 years until she made the leap of faith to move to the ocean and start Double Take Marketing.


Maddie thrives on creating content and helping motivated small business owners grow their business.


Outside of work, she loves the beach and teaching yoga.

Gold Coast Web Development

Why our customers love us.

CEO, Ella Sanders
Danielle Sanders

“  Maddie helped us with our social media strategy including a competitor analysis. Our Insta page went from being at a stand-still to having around 20-50 new followers every day. Instagram is now our number one sales channel.  ”

Co-Owner, Stones Throw Cafe
Cameron Charters

“ Maddie made the website design process simple and so quick! She stayed in contact the whole way to keep us updated and now we love our website! ”

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