Instagram Tutorial 2 – Engaging Your Audience

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It’s not about the number of followers you have these days, it’s about the number of GENUINE followers that you have.


You may have a million followers, but how many of them are actually interested in your product? You can measure this by looking at the amount of engagement that a person has. (ie. How many likes and comments per post).

So how do you engage your audience?

Through Posts That Appeal to Your Audience

Research shows that the most liked posts are:

  • Anything puppy/ animal related!
  • Photos with faces
  • Captions with emojis
  • Quotes, quotes, quotes! People love quotes and when they resonate, they share them. If it has your branding on it – even more exposure! I find quotes from Google, Pinterest or of course Insta!

Call To Action Posts

Posts that require a call to action are great for engagement, such as “Double tap if you agree” or “Tag a friend who needs this”.

A great example of a branded quote with a CTA is:

Be Genuine

  • Engage with the people that comment on your posts. But no one likes a salesy approach. Just build your audience by being authentic and yourself.
  • Comment on other’s pages and keep getting your brand out there, but again, be genuine. You don’t need to tell people to go and look at your page.

Ok, that’s it for engagement! Stay tuned for our next tutorial on getting exposure!

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